Gamania takes stakeholders’ rights, expression of opinions, and material issues of their concern very seriously. We conduct identification through the following procedures as well as following the GRI Guidelines and the AA1000SES Stakeholder Engagement Standards to construct a standard process for materiality analysis, in order to understand the degree of interest of stakeholders related to different issues and their impact on operations, so as to serve as a reference for sustainable management. Meanwhile, we also have sound stakeholder communication and developed sound management policies for the identified material issues.

Identification of Stakeholders

In order to meet the expectations of stakeholders and implement our corporate social responsibility commitment, we adopted the five principles of AA1000SES: dependence, responsibility, tension, influence, and multiple perspectives. We also gave consideration to the groups or individuals that have an impact on the Company both internally and externally, and identified the five major stakeholders: Employees, investors/shareholders, partners, customers/consumers, and the general public.

Analysis and Identification of Material Issues

Gamania analyzes the material topics based on the significance matrix, with reference to the industry's material topics of concern to institutional investors, benchmark peers and the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB). The list of material topics has been reorganized and revised, and diversity and inclusion issues have been added in 2022. In addition, the original independent issue of employee compensation and benefits are integrated into the issue of labor relations and employee rights, and the environmental issue (operational impact to the environment, indirect environmental impact and energy and resource conservation) are readjusted to be green operations and energy and carbon emissions management. Adjustments are also made to the implications of risk management, product and service innovation, labor relations and employee rights. After comprehensive evaluation, the material topics of Gamania were adjusted.

Material Topics Readjustment Flow

Material Topics

Goverance & Economic Environment Social
Corporate governance and ethics Energy and carbon emissions management Talent recruitment and training
Legal compliance Green operation Labor-management relations and employee rights
Business performance Workplace safety and health
Information security and privacy protection Diversity and inclusion
Risk management Social service innovation
Product and service innovation Customer rights and services

Stakeholder Communication

Stakeholders Significance for Gamania Issues of concern Communication channel Frequency of Communication
Employees Employees are Gamania’s most important
asset. Our products, services, dedication,
and culture have been established bit by
bit by all Gamania employees, which is why we attach
great importance to the opinions of our colleagues.
  • ● Talent recruitment and training
  • ● Labor-management relations and
    employee rights
  • ● Workplace safety and health
  • ● Diversity and inclusion
  • ● For the questions raised by employees during the Gamania Town Hall
    (employee meeting), the Group CEO will respond on the spot, or the
    relevant units will be instructed to make internal announcements and
    explanations later.
  • ● For questions raised by employees to the welfare committee, the
    welfare committee will respond to individuals or all employees via email.
  • ● Impeachment email:
  • ● Sexual harassment complaint email:
  • ● Intranet OH or HR helper on teamgoal!
  • ● Group Human Resource
  • Phone: +886-2-2658-8866
  • Email:
  • ● Manager/ Grace Cheng
  • Phone: +886-2-2658-8866 #1061
  • ● Gamania Town Hall once a quarter
  • ● Large-scale welfare committee event at least once every six months
    (Family Day/ Mid-Autumn Festival Party/ Year-End Party/Gamania Festival /
    Halloween /Christmas Party)
  • ● Systematic newcomer training program (essential knowledge for newbies
    and beginner's tasks)
  • ● Annual talent development training plan (at least 10 sessions per year)
  • ● Annual online course training plan (at least 10 sessions per year)
  • ● Annual external speaker seminar planning (at least 3 podium events per year)
  • ● Annual internal speaker seminar sharing (at least 1 internal event per year)
  • ● Group annual performance evaluation
  • ● Internal interview from time to time
  • ● Anonymous QA feedback mechanism
In order to identify the important stakeholders
involved in Gamania management and decision-making,
we are committed to maintaining open and transparent
information exchanges and protecting the rights
of our investors
  • ● Corporate governance and ethics
  • ● Legal compliance
  • ● Business performance
  • ● Risk Management
  • ● Energy and carbon emissions
  • ● Green operation
  • ● Senior manager of Investor Relations/ Sharon Chen
    Phone: +886-2-2658-8866#1019
  • ● Manager of Stock Affairs/ Alan Hsu
    Phone: +886-2-2658-8866 #1433
  • ● Each year, we convene shareholders’ meetings, issue annual reports,
    and participate in non-periodic domestic and international investor conferences to provide
    information relating to our industry and operations
  • ● An investor relations section has been established on the Gamania IR
    website which includes financial information, material announcements,
    news on latest events, corporate governance information, company contact
    for investors, and frequently asked investor questions
We maintain good relations with different hardware and
software suppliers and developers, and also actively
participate in various public associations.
Working together with our peers in the industry to
enhance the digital entertainment
industry is our common goal
  • ● Corporate governance and ethics
  • ● Business performance
  • ● Information security and privacy
● Gamania Business Negotiations/
Director of Global Market Development/ Connie Ma
Phone: +886-2-2658-8866 #1202
  • ● Technical meetings prior to establishment of collaborations
    or partner selection
  • ● Non-periodic hosting of technical forums and seminars
  • ● Non-periodic participation in various gaming exhibitions
We are only able to maintain longterm operations
due to support from our clients and consumers
  • ● Information security and privacy protection
  • ● Product and service innovation
  • ● Customer rights and services
We provide multi-channel services 24 hours a day all year round based
on the needs of different clients and consumers:
  • ● Hotline: (02) 2192-6100
  • ● Chat Bot
  • ● Instant text messaging (IM)
  • ● Message board (e-mail)
  • ● IOS/Android dual platform messaging response
  • ● Facebook fanpage
General Public As a platform for the gaming industry which supplies
various digital entertainment products and services,
Gamania must fulfill its social responsibilities,
particularly toward teenagers and schoolchildren.
We are highly attentive to feedback from consumers of
all ages, and are committed to building
a trustworthy brand.
  • ● Information security and privacy protection
  • ● Product and service innovation
  • ● Social service innovation
  • ● Acting Spokesperson/Director of Corporate Communications Office/
    Shunna Hsieh
    Phone: +886-2-2658-8866 #1013
  • ● The official Gamania website and the websites of our subsidiaries release updates
    from time to time
  • ● Real-time information announcements on social media.

Material Topics  Management Policy

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND ETHICS The sound governance structure and operation of the Company,
including the composition and operation of the board of
directors, shareholder rights, functional committee operation,
and decision-making participation, enable the stable operation
of the enterprise, and establish a good internal audit and
control system, as well as an anti-corruption and anti-terrorism
financing system, so as to actively prevent unethical behavior.
Strengthening the sound corporate governance mechanism of Gamania
can protect the rights and interests of shareholders, employees,
customers or other stakeholders, and will be beneficial for the
Company’s improvement of its sustainable performance, with the
opportunity to enhance its competitiveness in the international
capital market, making it the preferred investment target for
1.2 Corporate governance
LEGAL COMPLIANCE The Company follows the practices of environmental, social
and economic regulations, implements compliance measures
or training, and improves, handles and responds to illegal
Compliance with regulations can help Gamania avoid penalties due to
violations of regulations, which in turn affects the Company's image.
1.2 Corporate governance
BUSINESS PERFORMANCE The Company's operational overview, revenue, expenditure and
profitability, as well as its business strategy and performance.
Gamania pursues the improvement of financial performance to contribute
to the local, national and global economic systems, and to improve
the rights and interests of shareholders, employees and various
1.1 About Gamania
INFORMATION SECURITY AND PRIVACY PROTECTION The Company's information security resilience, customer
privacy and personal data protection include the information
security management system, rights and responsibilities
management unit, monitoring and execution procedures, and
reporting mechanism.
Gamania continuously strengthens information security and privacy
protection to avoid negative impacts, such as personal information
security disclosure and privacy infringement caused by Gamania’s or
its partners' failure to disclose or use customer data without the
consent of the customer, which may result in litigation, law
violation incidents, litigation costs, and compensation and
other economic losses.
2.2 Information security
RISK MANAGEMENT It covers the risk management system at the company level,
including risk identification (including but not limited to
information security risks, emerging risks, climate related
risks, etc.) and the risk management organizational structure
and system, and the development of risk countermeasures.
Effective risk management can strengthen the resilience of the
Company’s business and avoid economic losses. If faced with risk
impacts, measures can be taken quickly to restore the normal
operation of the enterprise.
1.2 Corporate governance
PRODUCT AND SERVICE INNOVATION Improve innovation management, develop digital innovation,
integrate internal and external resources, provide customers
with higher quality and innovative services through cross
industry cooperation and business creation, and protect
intellectual property rights and comply with big
data/AI ethics requirements.
Gamania has introduced technologies such as AI and big data for
product and service innovation, which can effectively integrate the
synergy of the group, increase operational efficiency, improve service
experience, gain consumer recognition, and provide the opportunity to
create a higher revenue and better operating performance.
1.1 About Gamania
2.1 Innovation management
TALENT RECRUITMENT AND TRAINING The mechanisms for employee cultivation and career
development, such as training, performance evaluation,
incentive measures, career planning assistance measures,
Gamania strengthens talent recruitment, employee capability
development and cultivation, and continuously improves and
enhances internal welfare measures and compensation to
enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise.
4.1 Gamania family
LABOR-MANAGEMENT RELATIONS AND EMPLOYEE RIGHTS Protect human rights, promote fair compensation and diverse
benefits, maintain employee compensation competitiveness, and
establish corresponding welfare measures and compensation
Gamania strengthens talent recruitment, employee capability
development and cultivation, and continuously improves and
enhances internal welfare measures and compensation to enhance the
competitiveness of the enterprise.
4.1 Gamania family
WORKPLACE SAFETY AND HEALTH Maintain workplace safety, and manage occupational
disaster risks and employee health, such as an occupational
safety management system, frequency of disability injuries,
occupational disease rate, and death toll.
Cultivate good health habits among employees to enable them to have
healthy physical and psychological conditions when working.
4.1 Gamania family
DIVERSITY AND INCLUSIVITY Promote a culture of diversity and equality, and establish and
promote management policies, such as promoting gender equality
among employees and recruiting employees with physical or
mental disabilities.
To create an equal, diverse, and inclusive workplace environment for all
employees, in order to promote social stability and encourage a good
workplace with mutual respect.
4.1 Gamania family
SOCIAL SERVICE INNOVATION Provide innovative products and services with social
benefits, assist in improving the quality of life for
the public, and enhance the Company’s ability to create
Practice social value and accelerate innovative development through products
and services that have a positive impact on the society.
4.2 Social inclusion
CUSTOMER RIGHTS AND SERVICES Improve customer satisfaction and maintain good customer
relationships through timely and professional services, and
treat consumers in a fair and reasonable manner and provide
transparent and fast service solutions. This includes setting
principles of fairness and ethics, advertising authenticity,
customer satisfaction survey, appeal protection principles,
transparent appeal channels and mechanisms, etc.
If there is any infringement of customer rights and interests, it may affect
customer satisfaction and the corporate image, and there may be related legal
proceedings resulting in litigation costs, compensation and other economic
2.3 Protection of customer interests
ENERGY AND CARBON EMISSIONS MANAGEMENT Review the Company's energy usage status and the impact
of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as formulate goals and
evaluate the measures and practices to achieve them.
Due to environmental impacts such as greenhouse gas emissions caused by
operations, the implementation of climate governance and promotion of
strategiesand management measures can help reduce environmental impacts
such as carbon emissions and waste. Gamania must continue to strengthen
its strategic layout and management of energy issues (such as using
renewable energy and continuously increasing the proportion), which can
help mitigate potential financial cost impacts in the future.
3.1 Environmental management
GREEN OPERATION Pay attention to environmental issues and promote actions
related to environmental issues.
Implement climate governance, promote strategies and management measures,
reduce environmental impacts, and strengthen corporate strategic layout and
management of climate issues (such as raising the ratio of renewable energy),
in order to mitigate potential financial cost impacts due to climate risks in
the future.
3.1 Environmental management
3.2 Environmental symbiosis