As a leading company in the industry, Gamania abides by labor-related laws and regulations. To attract talents, we provide a diversified and comprehensive welfare system which is better and more flexible than the fundamental laws and regulations. Also, we provide various benefits and opportunities to support our employees' career development. Gamania aims to grow with talents and make changes for employee welfare in Taiwan.

(I) Employee Welfare Measures

1. Group insurance: The Company has each of its employees covered by the group insurance that has coverage for life, accidents and injuries, hospitalized medical care, cancer, and unexpected medical care, etc.

2. Employee healthcare program: Employees are entitled to one health examination at a hospital or physical checkup facility that collaborates with the Company. Additionally, there is an employee assistance program that offers free sessions of psychological counseling, legal advice, financial consultations, and other relevant services for group employees.

3. Cafeteria and recreational center: There is the employee cafeteria and each employee are entitled to certain free consumption points a day and may use the fitness room free of charge around the clock.

4. Welfare events: All Gamania employees are entitled to have their children to study in the affiliated kindergarten with partial sponsorship, online game points offers for employees, free parking spaces, peripheral corporate commodities, unlimited spontaneous leave, paid travel leave of three days, paid birthday leave, paid prenatal checkup leave for female workers of up to eight days, paid maternity leave for female up to 70 days,  paid paternity checkup leave and paternity leave for male up to13 days, and multiple subsidies to cover the expenses in employee gatherings, travel expenses, and to sponsor employee clubs, the three festival and birthday gift money, for weddings, funerals, hospital stays, child birth, emergencies, home cleaning, and laundry, etc.

(II) Continuing education and training for employees

The Company provides a sound learning environment and complete educational training framework, including training for new hires, professional training, hierarchical training, and holds seminars on a yearly basis and workshops from time to time and digital learning is applied for educational training. Meanwhile, employees will receive subsidies for them to attend external professional courses.


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No. of classes
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Organized by the Company
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Organized by the Company
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Organized by an external institution
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(III) Retirement System and Its Implementation

1. The Company has prepared the Employee Retirement Guidelines as required by the Labor Standards Act, the Labor Pension Act and follows them.

2. Appropriation of the pension fund: Starting on July 1, 2005, the Company has been applying its pension allocation guidelines that were prepared for native employees in compliance with the Labor Pension Act. The Company sets aside 6% of the monthly salary to be the labor pension for the personal accounts of employees with the Labor Insurance Bureau in accordance with the labor pension system defined in the Labor Pension Act that employees choose to apply. The payment of the pension fund can be done on a monthly basis or in a lump sum according to the amount in the personal retirement account of each employee and the accumulated income. The employee pension reserve set aside by the Company is under the supervision of the Committee formed jointly by employees and the Company. Employees may not account for less than two-thirds of the total members of the Committee.

3. Employees may apply for retirement as they wish under of the following conditions: (1) they have worked for at least 15 years and are 55 years old or older; (2) they have worked for at least 25 years; or (3) they have worked for at least 10 years and are 60 years old or older. For spontaneous retirement, the employee shall submit the "Employee Retirement Application Form" one month prior to the scheduled date of retirement. Once it is approved by the supervisor with decision-making power, it will be processed by the Human Resources Unit. Employees applicable under the new system who are 60 years old or older and have worked for at least 15 years may apply with the Labor Insurance Bureau and claim the pension fund on a monthly basis. For those who have not worked for 15 years, the pension fund shall be claimed in a lump sum.

(IV) Labor-management agreement: None.

(V) Respective Measures to Protect the Rights of Employees

1. Protective measures in the workplace:

(1) Fire drills and fire prevention workshops are organized on a yearly basis targeting in particular new hires. The Fire Prevention Plan is prepared and participants are assigned tasks during the drill and used actual firefighting equipment. Meanwhile, disaster prevention is precisely enforced in order to protect the safety of employees. Fire drills and demonstrations take place from time to time as required by the Fire Department, too, to further perfect fire prevention in the workplace.

(2) Filters for the drinking water dispensers in offices are replaced on a quarterly basis and water quality is tested and the water tower is cleaned each year to ensure quality of drinking water and protect the health of employees.

(3) There are monthly preventions against cockroaches, mosquitoes, and mice and also quarterly thorough preventions against vectors in office areas to ensure a clean workplace for our people.

(4) The carpets are extensively cleaned periodically on a yearly basis in order to ensure a comfortable environment.

(5) The air-conditioning system is cleaned up periodically on a yearly basis and the filter for the energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is replaced periodically to ensure the quality of air at work.

(6) There are multiple janitors to take charge of cleaning up offices and restrooms regularly on a daily basis to keep the workplace comfortable.

2. Personal safety protection:

(1) All employees are entitled to one complete and comprehensive physical checkup a year to safeguard their health.

(2) There is a full-time nurse based in the office to provide care.

(3) There are the employee cafeteria and fitness room - gama island. Internal chefs and fitness coaches provide employees with thorough health solutions from their diet to exercise.

(4) Medical doctors come to the Company each month to answer questions so that colleagues may have their health concerns addressed.

(5) Labor Insurance, National Health Insurance, group insurance, and liability insurance overage is provided. For those traveling for business, there is also the travel insurance so that colleagues are better protected with regard to their safety and health while they work hard for the Company.

(6) The Safety and Space Management Department is set up to monitor the workplace around the clock for a safe and assuring workplace. Security guards control access around the clock and make the rounds through floors regularly to check blind spots that cannot be picked up by surveillance cameras.

(7) The whole building is the exclusive office space for the Group and employees are given limited access that is set as needed by the Company.

(VI) Losses suffered because of labor-management disputes in the past year up to the date the Annual Report was printed (including violations of the Labor Standards Act with labor inspection findings; the date of punishment, punishment number, article of the law or regulation violated, description of the violation and the punishment shall be specified) and disclose estimated values now and likely incurred in the future and countermeasures:

The Company has been valuing employee welfare and the labor-management relations have been quite harmonious; no labor-management disputes have occurred. The same principle will continue to be followed in the future for more robust and harmonious labor-management relations, which is believed to be able to eliminate labor-management issues. Therefore, no losses have been incurred because of labor-management disputes.