Responsibilities of the Board of Directors
The responsibilities of the Board of Directors are in compliance with the rights and obligations conferred by laws and regulations, including supervising, appointing, and guiding the management of the Company, being responsible for the overall operation of the Company, improving the supervision mechanism, and strengthening management capabilities.

Title Name Experience (Education)
Chairman Albert Liu

Chairman and CEO, Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd

Administration Manager, FULL MACHINERY CO., LTD.

Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Hwa Hsia University of Technology

Director WANIN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Representative: Avan Xiao

Chairman and General Manager, WANIN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.

Ling Tung University

Director Simon Lin


General Manager, Acer Incorporated

Bachelor Degree in Electronics Engineering, National Chiao Tung University

Director Cloud Copious Investment Limited Company Representative: Alex Chen

Lawyer of Far East United Law Firm

Finance Group (EMBA), School of Management, National Taiwan University

Master of Laws, University of Sheffield, UK

Independent Director Ray Lin


General Manager, SHUNG YE TRADING CO.,LTD.

Master Degree in Business Administration, The George Washington University

Independent Director Bobby Sheng

Chairman, Bora Pharmaceuticals Co., LTD.

Bachelor Degree in Economics, University of California, Berkeley

Independent Director Patrick Chen

Chairman, Hundred River Investment Co., Ltd.

Director, Aurora Corporation

Master of University of Southern California