In 2023, the Committee held 3 meetings (A), and the attendance of Committee members was as follows:

Position Name Actual attendance number(B) Number of entrusted attendances Actual attendance rate(%)(B/A)
Member(Convener)/Independent Director Chen, Kuan-Pai 1 2 33
Member/Independent Director Lin, Ruei-Yi 2 1 66
Member/Independent Director Sheng, Bao-Si 3 0 100
Member/Independent Director Hou, Chia-Qi 1 0 100

The information on each committee meeting is as follows:

Date Contents of the proposal Resolution Objection
2023.03.09 ● Proposed remuneration for directors and managers of the Company.
● Review of the distribution plan for the Company's 2022 directors'
remuneration and employees' remuneration.
After full discussion by the members and the
Chairman’s consultation with all the members
present, the proposals were adopted without
2023.05.10 ● Proposed remuneration for directors, managers, and employees of the Company for 2022.
2023.07.12 ● Approved the election of the convener and chairman of the fifth "Remuneration Committee".