Young people who dare to take risks are the force of Taiwan's progress! The Gamania Care Foundation hopes to become a driving force for young people who dare to take risks, open up various imaginations of adventure, provide adventure support and opportunities, and equip young people with the ability to challenge themselves. Adventures can fail, but must be tried, in order to transform imagination into action and inject positive forces into society.

Since its establishment in 2008, the Gamania Care Foundation has continued promoting adventure education through the Big Dream Program and Summer School, gathering young dreamers to complete many amazing projects, breaking through the comfort zone, facing unknown challenges, and implementing the value of an adventurous spirit into life.

In recent years, our projects have received multiple awards, including Best Design in the Brand and Communication Design Category of the German Red Dot Design Award, the Good Design Award emblem of Japan, and the Best Design of the Year of the Taiwan Golden Dot Design Award. We also received the "Excellent" award from the New Taipei City Government.

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