i. Implemented in accordance with Article 15 of the Company’s Rules of Procedure for Meetings of the Board of Director: If a director or a legal person represented by a director is an interested party with respect to any agenda item, the director shall state the important aspects of the interested party relationship at the respective board meeting. When the relationship is likely to prejudice the interests of the company, the director shall not participate in discussion or voting on that agenda item, and further, shall enter recusal during discussion and voting on that item and may not act as another director's proxy to exercise voting rights on that matter.

ii. Recusals from Board meetings due to the conflict of interests are as follows:

Date of the Board of Directors’ Meeting Name Contents of the proposal Reason for the recusal Remarks
9-Mar-23 Liu, PoYuan The Compensation Committee recommends the remuneration plan for directors and managers for 2023 Director and Manager Recusal from discussion and voting
10-May-23 Liu, PoYuan The distribution plan for director's remuneration and manager's employee remuneration for the 2022 Director and Manager Recusal from discussion and voting