Unit Task and Responsibility
Chief Executive Officer's Office

Prepares the overall strategic goals of the Group and centrally manages and supervises the implementation of Group business as a whole.

Group Audit Office

Plans and implements the internal control system.

Chief Operating Officer's Office

Centrally plans and implements operations involving end-game and mobile-game products, membership expansion, and platform creation as well as supervise operations at respective departments.

Chief Financial Officer’s Office

Optimizes the corporate financial structure, draws up corporate financial strategies, schedules corporate funds, determines investment direction, manages risks, processes accounts, and produces and analyzes financial and accounting statements and reports.

The Legal Division is responsible for reviewing contracts and compliance.

The Sustainable Planning Office is responsible for the implementation of corporate sustainable development affairs and enhancing the value of sustainable development.

Chief Strategy Officer’s Office

Promotes horizontal integration of subsidiaries and develops big data application within the group. Guides focus projects between subsidiaries or the group and other companies and review project business strategies and monitors various group data for the reference of judging business strategies.

Human Resources Office 

Plans and implements recruitment, educational trainings, compensation and welfare, and employee relations throughout the Group.

Brand Center

Communicates the essence of Gamania as a brand and reinforces brand depth. Takes charge of brand-related affairs such as brand identity, brand image, branding, branded goods, and Group cultural dissemination in order to maintain consistency of the brand internally and externally.

Enterprise Communication Office

Takes charge of the Group’s public relations, plans and implements the Group’s annual public relations plan, holds luncheons with the media and press conferences, releases Group news and accepts interviews by the media, maintains media relations, monitors daily news, and manages crises.

Original Creation Center

Responsible for product content creation and related commercial cooperation within the Group.

Strategic Deployment Division

Takes charge of related operational affairs between the Group and outside parties as part of strategic collaboration.

Hidol Product R&D Division

Planning and function development of Hidol app products.

Information Service Division

Takes charge of integrating related application and development resources to coupled with the group’s operation direction and helps define strategic development and technical research for new services.

Internal Service Division

Takes charge of planning fixed assets, purchases, contracts and documentation, and occupational safety, among other logistic and administrative resources, assisting in other services and measures such as employee business tours, employee cafeterias, and the fitness room, and centrally managing related properties such as the corporate building in Neihu.

Global Business Development Division

Searches for, approaches, and negotiates business development, collaborative opportunities with respective subsidiaries, gaming dealership and business to support with business operation, collects market and competition information, shares new trends, maintains relations with contractors and customers.

Organizational Structure