1. The performance evaluation measures of the Board of Directors have been approved by the Board meeting on November 12, 2019. The same approval procedure shall apply to any amendments.

2. Measures for the evaluation of the performance of the Board of Directors:

Article 3
The Company's Board of Directors shall perform an annual internal performance evaluation of the Board of Directors in accordance with the evaluation procedures and evaluation indicators set forth in Articles 6 and 8. A performance evaluation of the Company's Board of Directors shall be carried out by an external independent professional institution or by external experts and scholars at least every three years. Results of the internal and external performance evaluation of the Board of Directors shall be completed by the end of Q1 of the following year.

Article 4
The scope of the evaluation of the Company’s Board covers the evaluation of the Board as a whole, individual directors, and functional committees. The evaluation methods include the internal evaluation of the Board, self-evaluation by individual Board members, peer evaluation, evaluation by the appointed external professional institution or experts, or any other appropriate methods.

Internal performance evaluation


External performance evaluation

Report the result to BOD

External performance evaluation (improvement plan)