Fiscal year 2023 consolidated revenue was NT$9.8 billion, YoY-14%; gross profit was NT$3.8 billion; operating income was NT$640 million; net income to owners of the parents was NT$575 million, YoY-55%; EPS was NT$3.28. The decrease of annual revenue and profit was primarily caused by smaller scale of game updates and the lack of new game releases, which resulted in a decline of game revenue. However, thanks to our unique offline events and localized operations, we have driven an increase in active users. Furthermore, as we consistently cultivate the digital entertainment business, the revenue from our diversified businesses grew steadily. Gamania Group Board of Directors also approved a cash dividend of NT$3.28 per share, which represents a 100% payout ratio for the 2023 fiscal year.

2023 Gamania Earnings Release

4Q23 Gamania Earnings Report

4Q23 Gamania Financial Summary

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