The 3Q23 consolidated revenue was NT$2.7 billion, QoQ+28%, YoY-21%, driven by the smaller scale of updates and shorter event periods of the major games when compared to last year. However, with an increase of QAU (Quarterly Active Users), the popularity was uplifted. Gross profit was NT$1.1 billion, QoQ+43%, YoY-25%. Operating income was NT$266 million, QoQ+495%, YoY-59%. The net income to owners of the parents was NT$186 million, QoQ+178%, YoY-62%, and EPS was NT$1.06.

The 1-3Q23 consolidated revenue was NT$7.8 billion, YoY-16%, primarily driven by the decrease of games revenue yet the other businesses kept growing. Gross profit was NT$3.1 billion, YoY-22%. Operating income was NT$761 million, YoY-56%. The net income to owners of the parents was NT$590 million, YoY-53%, and EPS was NT$3.36.

3Q23 Gamania Earnings Release

3Q23 Gamania Earnings Report

3Q23 Gamania Financial Summary

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