Gamania Group (Ticker: 6180:TT) today announced its 2022 financial results in accordance with IFRS:

Fiscal year 2022 consolidated revenue was NT$11.4 billion, gross profit was NT$4.7 billion, maintaining the stable operating results of the previous year. The performance of our popular game ”MapleStory" hit a record-high sales again as well as other businesses showed solid performance. Operating income was NT$1.8 billion, net income to owners of the parents was NT$1.3 billion, YoY+16%, primarily driven by the diversification of our business, operational adjustments, and increased profitability of our core business. Both our consolidated revenue and net income reached their second highest level on record, and EPS was NT$7.29. Gamania Group Board of Directors also approved a cash dividend of NT$5.8 per share, which represents an 80% payout ratio for the 2022 fiscal year.

2022 Gamania Earnings Release

2022 Gamania Consolidated Financial Report

2022 Gamania Financial Summary

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