Gamania Group (Ticker: 6180:TT) today announced its 3Q22 financial results in accordance with IFRS:

The 3Q22 consolidated revenue was NT$3.4 billion, QoQ+40%, primarily driven by the high seasonal growth in summer vacation and the updates from several mainstream games. Based on the higher base period last year caused by the new mobile game release, YoY-4%. Gross profit was NT$1.45 billion, QoQ+52%, YoY-3%. Operating income, which hit a record high over the past period, was NT$652 million, QoQ+136%, YoY+1%. Net income to owners of the parents was NT$493 million, QoQ+99%, YoY+14%, and EPS was NT$2.81.

3Q22 Gamania Earnings Release

3Q22 Gamania Financial Report

3Q22 Gamania Financial Summary

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