The Gamania Group (Ticker: 6180:TT) today announced its 1Q21 financial results in accordance with IFRS:

The 1Q21 consolidated revenue was NT$3.1 billion, YoY-2%, since “Lineage M” new class “Saint Paladin” released in January 2020, had a stronger momentum, while it focused on improving class revisions in 1Q21. In addition, “MapleStory” quarterly revenue reached a record-high in 1Q21, as a result, the consolidated revenue of 1Q21 was in line with the results of 1Q20. Gross profit was NT$1.2 billion, and gross margin was 39%. Operating income was NT$ 430 million, due to launch of “World of Dragon Nest” resulting in marketing expense Y/Y increased. The net income to owners of the parents was NT$309 million, and EPS was 1.76.

1Q21 Gamania Earnings Release

1Q21 Gamania Financial Report

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