Gamania Group received 2023 ESG Rating from S&P Global. The overall score is 46, with a percentile of 96% which means that Gamania globally outperformed 96% of corporates in the same industry. In the social aspect, we received 68, which represents the best score in the IMS sector (IMS, Interactive Media, Services & Home Entertainment). Gamania Group will improve consistently.

The ESG score result of Gamania Group:
Environment: 27 (Industry Mean: 19)
Social: 34 (Industry Mean: 21)
Goverance & Economic: 68 (Industry Mean: 27)

S&P Global is a worldwide leading institution for corporate credit and ESG evaluation. Globally, based on the Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), more than 10 thousand of corporates are evaluated for their ability of sustainable development, including information disclosure and ESG performance.

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