The Gamania Group (Ticker: 6180:TT) today announced its 1Q~3Q17 financial results:


Consolidated revenues of 1Q~3Q17 achieved NT$5,768 million, YoY-10%. The gross profit margin reached nearly 16%, with YoY growth, mainly driven by improved customer and product portfolio for various business units. The Group continues to engaging in establishment of the total ecosystem internet enterprise. If we calculated the game operation and gash performance, the gaming sector delivered positive operating income. 1Q~3Q17 net income YoY turned into profit.


The highly anticipated mobile game《Lineage M》 traditional Chinese version started its pre-registration on October 10th. More than 540,000 players pre-registered on the first day while 800,000 subscribers in the first week and accumulated 2,380,000 pre-registered users now. In the second half of 2017, the diversified business sectors of the Group continue to integrating resources to attract and retain members of 《Lineage M》. Take GASH for example, GASH APP members has doubled within two weeks following the activities connected to the pre-registration of 《Lineage M》, showing how huge of the benefits that the classic IP can bring.


Looking forwards to 4Q17, the total ecosystem internet that the Group arranged is ready. The mobile game 《Lineage M》has entered into the promotion stage. The Group continues to taking all efforts to increase customer loyalty and to be a leader in each territory by offering all-around life services to 《Lineage M》 players.


1Q~3Q17 Gamania Earnings Release

1Q~3Q17 Gamania Financial Report

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