Gamania Group has successfully transformed and dedicated to writing a new page this year. ”Looking forward to 2017, striving toward is our first priority,” said Albert Liu, Chief Executive Officer of Gamania Group. “This year is critical for the Group to review the outcome. We hope not only to gain positive results, but become the top leader in each business sector.” Furthermore, Gamania has clearly outlined the business sectors. We plan to co-operate game, payment, EC, Media and Innovation service to expand to all aspects of livelihood consumption. In the long run, the Group aims to increase users and develop a multi-functional service platform to achieve the vision of being an all-encompassing Internet ecosystem enterprise.

Game, Payment, E-Commerce and Media Accelerate the Momentums and Build up Solid Bases
In addition to game sector, the Group also expands to payment, EC, media and innovation service units. Albert pointed out that game, payment and EC sectors are driving-oriented while media is responsible for leading and achieving the group synergy. The innovation service fully promotes creative development.

Gamania Group: A Sprinting Pioneer

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